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November 16, 2017 - Ms. Kate MacGregor from the Washington DC office of the US DOI BLM, who is the Acting Assistant Secretary for Land and Minerals Management will give a special presentation in Grand Junction regarding the Department of the Interior's Role in Energy Dominance.


Grand Junction Petroleum and Mining Club

The Petroleum and Mining Club (PMC) was established in Grand Junction, Colorado in April 1982.  At that time, numerous petroleum and mining companies were engaged in a period of unprecedented exploration and development activity in western Colorado and eastern Utah.  The influx of well-educated and highly-trained personnel to staff and service the companies engaged in this natural resource exploitation created a demand for a social organization that would enable these individuals

with similar interests to enjoy an occasional social gathering, at which people could become better acquainted.

More than 400 men and women joined the club as Charter Members at the first PMC meeting.  Although approximately two thirds of the Charter Members were directly employed by petroleum or mining companies, it was decided to open the membership to individuals of virtually all occupations.


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