For a period of time the Board of Directors have eliminated the Membership fee. New members can join now for the cost of yearly dues: $75 for a single and $150 for a couple.


The Petroleum and Mining Club (PMC) was established in Grand Junction, Colorado in April 1982.  At that time, numerous petroleum and mining companies were engaged in a period of unprecedented exploration and development activity in western Colorado and eastern Utah.  The influx of well-educated and highly-trained personnel to staff and service the companies engaged in this natural resource exploitation created a demand for a social organization that would enable these individuals with similar interests to enjoy an occasional social gathering, at which people could become better acquainted.

More than 400 men and women joined the club as Charter Members at the first PMC meeting.  Although approximately two thirds of the Charter Members were directly employed by petroleum or mining companies, it was decided to open the membership to individuals of virtually all occupations.  Consequently, the list of Charter Members includes geologists, geophysicists, engineers, production and land-lease personnel, bankers, lawyers, insurance agents, equipment suppliers, etc.  Currently, there are about 50-60 active members of the Club.

The PMC goal is to provide a venue for professionals and concerned citizens to discuss and exchange ideas related to the petroleum and mining industries and earth sciences, to educate the public on issues related to energy and minerals supply, and to encourage students and faculty in education and research helpful to the petroleum, mining, hydrology, environmental, and earth sciences.  To this end, the club endorses projects and educational opportunities to foster participation and awareness of the petroleum and mining industries in our area.

For those who are interested in joining the Club, the PMC provides about 11 free social events each year, for our members and their spouses, on the third Thursday of each month.  Meals are either buffet or plated.  They commonly include several hot dishes, salads, fruits and deserts, all designed to ensure a delightful evening meal.  After-dinner programs are presented on most occasions.  Members may bring guests at a cost of $25 each, slightly higher for certain occasions.   Occasionally out of town social bus trips are taken to interesting locations.  During the summer months, the socials are usually held at a nearby park.  You may join the PMC with the payment of $300.00 initiation fee and the annual dues of $150.00 for a couple or a single membership with $150.00 imitation and $75.00 yearly dues. Corporate memberships are also available.


Member (Couple) Membership Fee  $300.00

Annual Dues (Due April 1)                 $150.00

Individual Membership Fee              $ 150.00

Annual Dues (Due April 1)                 $ 75.00


Corporate Sponsorship Fee            $1,000.00

(Includes up to 4 individuals)

Annual Dues (Due April 1)                 $150.00 each


Remit membership fee and annual dues to:

Petroleum and Mining Club P. O. Box 3272 Grand Junction, CO 81502

If you have any questions please Contact Nicole Burbank at or (623) 444-0273.